About Us

The Los Angeles Headquarters Association connects leaders to shape the future business landscape
in Los Angeles

Founded in 1961, LA Headquarters was instrumental in assisting a variety of businesses in opening their headquarters in the greater Los Angeles Area. The goal was simple -- make Los Angeles a major world city.

Now that Los Angeles has achieved that status, LAHQ remains committed to maintaining and growing businesses in the greater Los Angeles area. We accomplish this by providing members with specific and comprehensive knowledge of local markets in Los Angeles County.

LAHQ enhances member connectivity to local markets through networking events that build valuable relationships with business leaders and local government officials.

LAHQ offers unique conferences that focus on major challenges and solutions for the local economy. These conferences bring together government, private industry and the nonprofit sector – to provide information, networking and cutting-edge solutions centered in greater Los Angeles.

As our members can attest -- by becoming a member of LAHQ, you are accessing an unparalleled network of corporate, government and nonprofit relationships. JOIN US TODAY!  

Los Angeles Headquarters Association
645 W. 9th Street, Unit 110-190, Los Angeles CA 90015 | 888-317-0021 | info@laheadquarters.org
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